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Merit Badges

Merit Badges fall into two categories: those that are required for the rank of Eagle Scout and those that are not. Scouts can earn merit badges at any time. Over 100 Merit Badges are available with topics ranging from American Business to Woodworking.

Some merit badges are fairly easy to obtain, and some are extremely difficult. All Merit Badges are educational and will teach skills that can be used later in the Scout's life.

The requirements for the Eagle-required merit badges are listed in the Boy Scout Handbook.

A list of all the available Merit Badges and their requirements is available in each of the Merit Badge pamphlets.

The troop maintains a library of Merit Badge Pamphlets for most of the popular Merit Badges.

Merit Badge Pamphlets may be purchaseed from the council scout store. Also see the " Scouting Links" section of the Troop 40 web page for on-line versions.

Occasionally, a merit badge may be worked on in small or large groups as a Troop activity, but a majority of the responsibility of choosing and completing the requirements for a Merit Badge is up to the individual Scout.

Some Merit Badges may be completed at Summer Camp. Scouts will generally need to choose and sign up in advance for merit badges when registering for Summer Camp. Some Merit Badges may require "homework" before or after Summer Camp.

If a Scout does not fully complete a Merit Badge while at camp, the Advancemnet Committee Chair can record and track the completed and required requirements so that the Scout can complete the badge at a later date.

In order to earn a merit badge, the Scout will need to:

Most Merit Badge Counselors will be Adult Leaders in our Troop, or Counselors at Summer Camp. Contact the Scoutmaster if you want to work on a merit badge with no local counselor - there may be counselors available in the council/district that will be available to work with you.

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